Texas Hill Country is known for its lush landscapes, gushing rivers, memorable sceneries, and lately, investment potential. No wonder home buyers and real estate investors have flocked to the area for a piece of the hill country. Here, there are plenty of acreage for sale.

Types of acreage for sale in Texas Hill Country

One of the most popular misconceptions about acreage is that they are all the same. The truth is quite contrary, as acreage in Texas Hill Country serve different needs and purposes. Here are the most popular types of acreage you’ll find in the area.

Farm land

From small farms to large commercial ones, you’ll find plenty of farm land available in Texas Hill Country. Overall, the land is fertile, and different soil types can accommodate different types of crops for a bountiful harvest. After plotting the land, you’ll still find just enough space where you can let your livestock graze.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert farmer, farm land in Texas Hill Country is an excellent investment you won’t regret. Great farmland properties are available in and around Llano, Kingsland, and Buchanan Dam.


Texas Hill Country is home to a highly coveted real estate market, and therefore real estate agents and developers are clamoring to satisfy different types of home buyers. Throughout the area are luxury properties where you can enjoy the lush scenery of the hill country. These real estate properties can be anything from luxurious farm houses, sprawling ranch properties, and country-style luxury residences that make the most out of the country’s beautiful topography.

Hunting land

Life makes hunters of us all, and for those who indulge in hunting once in a while, Texas Hill Country will surely beckon. The area is home to diverse wildlife including deer, whitetail, blue quail, and even turkey. There are wonderful hunting land for sale scattered around the region, and it’s entirely possible to buy one that is tailored to your hunting specifications.

Create your own hunting paradise, add your own outdoor recreational pursuits, or start your very own nursery or center for local wildlife conservation. The opportunities are endless!

Ranch land

Perhaps the most type of acreage available in Texas Hill Country, ranch land in the area is very desirable and can range from small ones to ranches the size of a thousand acres. Be part of the hill country’s thriving ranching community and explore the different investment opportunities you have.

Grow crops, look after horses and livestock, or turn it into a getaway spot or outdoor recreation hub for those who are looking to get away from the city and enjoy a slice of life in Texas Hill Country.

Figure out the type of acreage you want

Determining your needs and purpose will help you choose the right kind of acreage. If you’re ready to explore your real estate opportunities in and around the communities of Llano, Kingsland, and Buchanan Dam, get in touch with Landmasters Real Estate today ! We’ll be happy to entertain your questions and get you started on your real estate journey.