Texas Hill Country

A tree and flowers in Texas

The Texas Hill Country covers 25 counties in central and south Texas. It features amazing panoramic vistas, sparkling rivers, refreshing lakes, rugged hills and green valleys. The region is within the eastern portion of the Edwards Plateau and is bound by the Balcones Fault on the east and the Llano Uplift to the west and north. It’s a popular destination for hunting and fishing, and springtime blooms with beautiful scenes of wildflowers among a backdrop of yucca, prickly pear cactus, mesquite, cedar, and the majestic Texas live oak.

The wildlife will keep you captivated. While you’re sure to see the customary armadillo, squirrel, opossum and raccoon, keep an eye out for bobcats, foxes, coyotes, migratory birds, bats, wild turkeys, roadrunners, and possibly an elusive mountain lion. You won’t have trouble spotting the white-tailed deer in the area, which boasts the highest deer density in the United States.

A mix of beautiful geography, quaint town squares, eclectic shopping choices, and a low cost of living has earned the Texas Hill Country top marks as both tourism and retirement destinations.
There’s no shortage of things to sample and see. For example, the region has become the center of the Texas wine industry and is home to the second largest granite dome in the United States, Enchanted Rock.

The Hill Country is uniquely situated just west  two major metropolitan areas – San Antonio and Austin, yet it offers wonderful small-town living in its many inviting and charming cities and communities.