Primary Homes

Owning a primary home in Texas Hill Country is a dream come true. In and around Llano, Buchanan Dam, and Kingsland you’ll find a plethora of choices that can meet different types of needs and lifestyles.

Whether you’re looking for a charming single-family home with spacious rooms or a Ranch-style residence with plenty of outdoor space, Texas Hill Country will rise up to the occasion and deliver a worthwhile real estate offering.

The benefits of home ownership

Aside from living in a space you can very much call your own home, the benefits of home ownership are plenty and wide-ranging. From tax benefits to the good old convenience of having your own place, home ownership brings a good deal to you and your loved ones’ lives.

  1. Build your wealth. A home is an investment, and one can accumulate a significant amount of wealth over time. As a principal rule for building wealth through home ownership, make sure to invest in a real estate property that is within your current financial capabilities.
  2. Build your equity. Aside from accumulating wealth, home ownership lets you build your equity with every mortgage payment you make. For every month you pay your mortgage, your equity increases. Of course, payments increase slightly over time, but all is worth it in the end. This is why you should take careful consideration when shopping for a loan.
  3. Benefit from tax deductions. With home ownership comes several types of tax deductions which you can benefit from. There are mortgage deductions (you subtract your mortgage interest from your current tax obligations), as well as closing cost deductions. The property taxes you pay for your primary and secondary home are also deductible.
  4. Stable and more predictable expenses. Although home ownership comes with its own set of costs, expenses will still be more predictable and stable as compared to when you’re renting.
  5. A sense of pride and belonging. Owning a home in a city you love and a neighborhood you like has a positive effect on your overall well-being. There is also nothing quite like being a part of a community of like-minded people.
  6. You can sell when the time comes. Once your home has built equity and, given you’ve taken care of the property, increased its value, you might want to consider selling your home to help finance your dream home. Of course, before selling, consider the current economic climate and market conditions to ensure a nice profit from the sale.

There are also disadvantages of owning a home. That includes maintenance costs, the pressure of a long-term financial commitment, and the monthly mortgage payments. In the long run, however, investing in a primary home is worth your time and penny.

To start exploring your real estate opportunities in Texas Hill Country (Llano, Kingsland, and Buchanan Dam), get in touch with Landmasters Real Estate today. We’ll be happy to entertain any of your questions and get you started on your real estate journey as soon as you’re ready.